Transparent communication builds trust. And trust nurtures a workplace environment full of inspiration, camaraderie, respect, and success.

Person standing in the midle of a lake with its reflection around.
Person standing in the midle of a lake with its reflection around.
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A few years back when I used to run my own startup, I used to think that the lesser information I give my employees about business operations, the more control I could have over the business.

Never have I been more wrong.

You see, transparency is vital. And transparent communication is foremost when you run a business or are part of one.

All those years when I used to communicate with my employees on a need-to-know-basis, little did I know that I was setting myself up for failure. Transparency needs to be core to any company’s values. …

It’s all about easier scanning and skimming

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A lot of us have a blog nowadays. While some of us might not have too much of an issue getting visitors to read the actual content, quite a lot of us are struggling to get people to actually read what we have written after so much research and hard work. The first step to doing that is to understand how to make your blog more readable.

As writers, a lot of us only consider what we write.

What we forget to consider is how our audience reads and what they want.

Apart from the quality of our content, what are the little things that better their experience of reading on our blog? …

How to make sure you’re being inclusive in the digital space

A man racing in what appears to be in a wheelchair race with a bystander cheering him on. Black and white photo.
A man racing in what appears to be in a wheelchair race with a bystander cheering him on. Black and white photo.
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A few weeks back I was attending a Zoom webinar. The speaker had a few slides that were absolutely illegible. As in bright-pink-text-on-white-background illegible.

While virtual events have made knowledge sharing more accessible for people across the globe, this does bring about new barriers. How many of us have even considered whether all these virtual events are accessible to people with disabilities? Or what are the various concerns these people might face?

In the last nine months, I have been part of 200+ virtual meetings/webinars. …

Words matter. What matters, even more, is the meaning these words convey

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In the content sector, the last few years have seen a lot of discussion around the use of racist language/words that have become commonplace.

Words like master, slave, blacklist & dark UX have harmful undertones to them, especially in the field of tech communications, where they all seem to be used the most.

The tech industry uses the word master to describe components of software and hardware in which one process or device controls another. Such antiquated words either remind or bring forth the discriminatory connotations associated with it.

Why Words Matter

In a conversation, a single word can make or break a relationship. …

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I won’t bore you with an introduction to why every brand needs a website. That’s very 2005. But I will definitely tell you the 4 point website design strategy you should follow before you decide on building your next website.


A great website is all about amazing user experience.

I say user experience and not design because design is subjective. A website might just be plain HTML-based and have zero design aspects considered. But it might still provide an amazing user experience for what its users want.

So, how do you ensure that you have in place a solid website design strategy?

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Short answer

Yes, you should blog consistently if you are trying to build a readership.

Long answer

If you have been asking yourself the above question, I get where you come from.

All these years, I too would write only when I felt like writing. I too felt that writing to a timeline (unless for a client) isn’t my cup of tea. It would take the soulful experience out of writing.

But looking back, I was wrong.

Consider this. I started my first blog in 2009 when I was still pursuing my undergrad degree. …

It’s all about intent and time management.

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And no, it’s not a clickbait title. I actually do read daily.

It is a habit. While some days I only read blog posts and articles, a lot of the other days I also make time to read at least a few pages of a book.

But either way, I ensure that I do read quite a lot daily.

A few of my friends and a couple of my mentees have asked me about how do I make time for this. Well, there’s a magic formula for that:

Time can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be managed efficiently or inefficiently.

It is all about piquing the listener's curiosity.

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An elevator pitch is not an announcement. Neither is it a sales call.

It does not end with the 30 seconds of self-immersive diarrhea that you might be blurting out.

It also isn’t about who you are or what you are doing.

An elevator pitch is all about being a conversation. What you are going to do, what you are building, and what your vision is. A conversation that should be interesting enough to be taken outside the elevator.

An elevator pitch will never land you a job or a partnership or a client in the time the elevator takes to reach the ground floor. But it should augment the interest and curiosity in the other person to be able to carry the conversation forth after the doors of the elevator open. …

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The pandemic has affected all of us. Some, much more than the others. And depending on which part of the world you are from, you and your colleagues might still be working from home.

Let’s all agree that working from home (WFH) hasn’t been the easiest thing to do so far. While it has given some of us more time to spend with our families, for some others it has been a story of isolation.

While some of us have found new things to do with the extra time we have (I started a new blog), some others are finding themselves to be more unproductive than normal. …

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Apart from my day job, I also work as a freelance communications & content strategy consultant.

Over the past 24 months, I have worked with 44 clients helping them with various aspects of their communications and content initiatives. At times, I bring in my additional skillset as a graphic designer and help out with branding & design projects too.

A few days back, I was reading an article on Medium about how it’s easier to retain clients than create new ones. …


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