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Writing a cold email is one of the easiest things ever. But, writing a good cold email is difficult.

Getting a response to one is heavenly.

If you have ever written a cold email and tried to get a response from the receiver, you would definitely know that it is difficult for various reasons.

It’s all about never sending one

angry man
angry man
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Short answer — feel free to write an angry email any way you want.

Just never send it.

Long answer

At some point in our professional career, we all would have received an email to which the first impulse would have been to respond with some spicy unparliamentary words. But then good judgment would prevail and we would refrain ourselves from doing so.

Or, we might have just said ‘heck with it’ and sent the mail anyways.

I have done both. The latter, probably a couple of times when I was a much more insane person. …

Here are a few symptoms to help you identify issues.

poor man sitting by a fire
poor man sitting by a fire
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A lot of businesses out there have amazing content on their website. They have spent enormous amounts of time, energy, and money in creating this content. But thanks to poor content management, this content would most probably be lost in the shadows.

And that’s what most businesses do not understand. It is important to not just create good content, but it is equally important to manage it as well.

Over the last 8 years, I have worked with over 60 brands in multiple phases of their content/communication strategy. Of these, at least 45 had a content-heavy website.

Of these 45…

A small storm trooper toy looking up at a light bulb
A small storm trooper toy looking up at a light bulb
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Question: Do you have a record of all the content that your organization has? And do you have a proper strategy for managing this content?

For organizations big or small, content management has become the need of the day. Be it website content, internally shared documents, whitepapers, videos, multimedia, or infographics, there is a dire need to manage all these resources well.

It’s no secret that content fuels your marketing efforts and drives customers to your business. It’s the glue that connects your thoughts and bridges the communication gap between customers.

However, with most companies focusing on quantity over quality…

With downloadable PDF template

Man sitting on a chair, in the middle of a road with papers flying around.
Man sitting on a chair, in the middle of a road with papers flying around.
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What is your brand story?

Be it for your business, product, service, blog, or maybe just your personal brand. Do you have a story around what your brand stands for?

What is a brand story

Brand stories are authentic narratives around what your brand does. They are used to strategically communicate your brand identity.

In short, they are elevator pitches about your brand.

It is a story comprising of what your brand does, who your audience is, and what emotion your brand’s products/services make your customers feel.

As Kaitlin Loyal writes in her blog:

Brand storytelling is using a narrative to…

Transparent communication builds trust. And trust nurtures a workplace environment full of inspiration, camaraderie, respect, and success.

Person standing in the midle of a lake with its reflection around.
Person standing in the midle of a lake with its reflection around.
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A few years back when I used to run my own startup, I used to think that the lesser information I give my employees about business operations, the more control I could have over the business.

Never have I been more wrong.

You see, transparency is vital. And transparent communication is foremost when you run a business or are part of one.

All those years when I used to communicate with my employees on a need-to-know-basis, little did I know that I was setting myself up for failure. Transparency needs to be core to any company’s values. …

It’s all about easier scanning and skimming

Source: Technology vector created by freepik — Edited by author.

A lot of us have a blog nowadays. While some of us might not have too much of an issue getting visitors to read the actual content, quite a lot of us are struggling to get people to actually read what we have written after so much research and hard work. The first step to doing that is to understand how to make your blog more readable.

As writers, a lot of us only consider what we write.

What we forget to consider is how our audience reads and what they want.

Apart from the quality of our content, what…

How to make sure you’re being inclusive in the digital space

A man racing in what appears to be in a wheelchair race with a bystander cheering him on. Black and white photo.
A man racing in what appears to be in a wheelchair race with a bystander cheering him on. Black and white photo.
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A few weeks back I was attending a Zoom webinar. The speaker had a few slides that were absolutely illegible. As in bright-pink-text-on-white-background illegible.

While virtual events have made knowledge sharing more accessible for people across the globe, this does bring about new barriers. How many of us have even considered whether all these virtual events are accessible to people with disabilities? Or what are the various concerns these people might face?

In the last nine months, I have been part of 200+ virtual meetings/webinars. …

Words matter. What matters, even more, is the meaning these words convey

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In the content sector, the last few years have seen a lot of discussion around the use of racist language/words that have become commonplace.

Words like master, slave, blacklist & dark UX have harmful undertones to them, especially in the field of tech communications, where they all seem to be used the most.

The tech industry uses the word master to describe components of software and hardware in which one process or device controls another. Such antiquated words either remind or bring forth the discriminatory connotations associated with it.

Why Words Matter

In a conversation, a single word can make or break a…

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I won’t bore you with an introduction to why every brand needs a website. That’s very 2005. But I will definitely tell you the 4 point website design strategy you should follow before you decide on building your next website.


A great website is all about amazing user experience.

I say user experience and not design because design is subjective. A website might just be plain HTML-based and have zero design aspects considered. But it might still provide an amazing user experience for what its users want.

So, how do you ensure that you have in place a solid website…

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